All the rivers in Iceland are run with a beat system.
The way the systems works is that if a river has 700 Salmon caught over a season it allows 700 rod days a year. The season for sea run fish species is typically 90 days so a river with 700 salmon caught every year would allow 7 rods to fish the river on a daily bases.

This makes the fishing in Iceland some of the most exclusive fishing in the world and it also helps both protect the anglers right to privacy while fishing as well as protecting the stocks from to much pressure.
Fishing a 25km river that has 3 beats, each rod then has 8,3km of fishing area which the angler with the licence has to him self but this also makes the fishing more expensive.



Comparing prices with rivers that have an unlimited amount of rods allowed per day is like comparing waiting in a line that only has 3 other persons with waiting in line with 300 other persons, you can choose which option you like.


Fishing in Iceland where the beat system is

Fishing where there is no beat system

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