Matthías Þór Hákonarson

Call him Matti!
He is born 1981.
His home town is Akureyri.
Working as a managing director for Iceland fishing Guide.
He is successful guide and spends as many days on the river in one year as most people do in 10 years.

Valdemar Friðgeirsson
Fishing guide

Call him Valdi.
He was born on his birthday.
His home town is Akureyri.
Valdi is a well established fly tier and spends most of his time fishing or guiding.
Experienced fishing guide. Has been fishing since he was a toddler.

Valdimar Heiðar Valsson
Fishing guide

A.K.A. Maddi.
He was born 1982.
His home town is Hauganes but he lives in Akureyri.
His B.A. in physiology comes in handy after a hard week of fishing and helps lift the spirit of any man. When he is not running around Iceland fishing him self he works as a fishing guide. He Has been fishing around most of Northern Iceland.

Jónas H Jónasson
Fishing guide

Call him Jonny!
He is born 1970.
His home town is Akureyri.
Working as a general manager for
He is successful guide and has years of experince fishin himself.
He is a calm and collective guy and gives you the sence of security needed by your side on the river.

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