Local knowledge

We at Iceland Fishing Guide offer you a chance to make use of the local knowledge acquired by
fly fishing in Iceland

Popular fly patterns

Making a list of a few flies was really hard as every single fly we have tried has worked
fly fishing in Iceland

Fly fishing equipment to bring

Have you booked your trip and now you are wondering, what on earth should i pack? Here below is

Fishing in Iceland

The freshwater fishing in Iceland is limited to Arctic char, Atlantic salmon & Brown trout.

Terms & conditions

Covid-19 Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and international travel restrictions there is a level of

Travel information

Here you can find some travel info on how to get to Northern Iceland where most of our rivers

Disinfecting your gear

All gear that will come in contact with the Icelandic rivers or lakes will need to be


Things you should know when you are going fly fishing in Iceland

The beat system in Iceland

All the rivers in Iceland are run with a beat system. The way the systems works is that if a

Time to fish Iceland by species

April: Sea trout and Brown trout.   May: Sea trout, Brown trout and Arctic char late in the

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