Updates for travelers 2021!

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding the current border rules in Iceland and what to expect for the summer, so here is a little run down with what we know.

The Government of Iceland just announced new border rules where every traveler that does not have a VALID proof of vaccination or antibodies, will need to show a negative covid test no older than 72 hours before departure on top of the test upon arrival, 5 days quarantine and then another test.  Our Chief Epidemiologist  explained in a press release his thoughts behind this which sounds like he is looking for ways to make it easier for tourists to come to Iceland in the summer without being vaccinated or having antibodies. With the current system we can gather data on how many people test positive in the test upon arrival and then after the 5 day quarantine. If it turns out that with people being tested before traveling to Iceland will not be testing positive in the 1st or 2nd tests in Iceland it will mean that we could ease those rules and be able to remove the 5 day quarantine. Only time will tell.

This would mean that it would be much easier for people to come to Iceland this summer to fish or hunt, without having to worry about being quarantined.

Here you can read about the current rules that apply until May 1st.

Our covid 19 terms will remain the same, so any clients that book fishing with us next summer will have full flexibility to move their booking around as needed while travel restrictions apply and any payments that are made towards fishing permits will be changable into a 100% credit valid for up to 3 years.

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