The spring is the best time for brown trout

I took my brother Siggi and Kolbrún to river Mýrarkvísl yesterday. We cought three beautiful brown trout the biggest one 3lbs. The weather was not the best 5°c windy and rain off and on. Although Siggi and Kolbrún had to go in to the car a few times to warm up there is always a certain charm to fishing in this kind of weather. I actually prefer it to a sunny day when I’m fishing brown trout. Don´t get me wrong i love spending a day by the riverbank in sunny weather with a rod in my hand but there is just something about the spring with its ever changing weather that nothing can beat, The feeling of being armored in by the waders and jacket with no chance of getting wet except for the hands and face. If it gets to cold you can always walk until you get warm.

Kolbrún caught the biggest one. It was a 3lbs trout and was ecstatic with that

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