We are now taking bookings for fly fishing in Iceland 2020

We are now taking bookings for fly fishing in Iceland 2020! After the great year in both the trout and salmon fishing season on our rivers we have a lot of demand both from returning clients and new clients so we urge everyone to ensure there dates as soon as possible. Th...

We are taking bookings for 2019

Now that the 2018 fishing season is over we have started taking booking for 2019. The 2018 season was overall a great success with although we would have preferred a little stronger salmon runs over prime time.

Overlook of the 2017 season and we are booking for 2018!

We have started booking for 2018 as the fishing season in Iceland will close soon when the last sea trout and salmon rivers close. This summer was our best trout fishing season so far on both Mýrarkvísl and Laxá, and most of our clients on the Lónsá had amazing success with an...

A fishing report from the Lónsá.

I have just returned from guiding for two days on the river Lónsá and as often when I return from the Lónsá I feel emotional and thankful for the incredible experiences this river offers. I try but I can’t seem to put my feeling into words. The overall experience from...

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