Salmon fishing in Iceland 2019

We are very optimistic for the salmon season in Iceland 2019. The salmon fishing in Northern Iceland was slower the last two years than the previous years but we have had incredibly good conditions for the smolts and are measuring more smolt in the river that before and if the ocean is produced we should see a good return in both big multi winter salmon and single winter salmon in Iceland in 2019. We are taking bookings for salmon fishing on the Myrarkvisl, Laxa in Adaldal, Fnjoska, J0kla, Deildara and the East and West Ranga for the 2019 salmon season and will especially promoting North Iceland salmon fishing where there is a great chance of multi winter large salmon. Our first early salmon options will be in river Fnjóská in the middle of June as we have been incredibly successful at that time the last few years catching incredible specimen. We still have good availability on the Myrarkvisl in late June and early july along with dates in August and September.

Here are a few photos from june on the Fnjoska & Myrarkvisl in June of last year.

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Salmon fishing in iceland 2019

Salmon fishing in iceland 2019


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