What to expect in 2021?

The 2020 season was a unusual season in many ways. In spring it was hard to predict how this pandemic would evolve and how much of a factor it would have on our season with limited travel around the world. Thankfully Iceland’s response to the serge in cases mostly from Icelanders who where returning home from Europe proved to be tremendous with the country being able to stop the pandemic before it ever got any real spread, so while most of the world was in complete lock down Iceland remained open for European travelers which along with Icelandic anglers where our clientele this summer. Since a huge percentage of our clientele comes from the US we had a lot of spaces to fill with the imposed travel ban. However the season turned out alright in regards to catch statistics and our guide team used the unsold dates to fish ourselves and therefore further educate ourselves.

Now that the 2021 booking season has started we feel that it is important to offer clear acceptable terms to our clients. The path we have taken is that it is business as usual and we are operation on the believe that imposed travel bans will be lifted before the 2021 season.

However to ensure that our clients that book their trips for 2021 season are ensured we will offer a 100% credit on any payments made towards a future trip in the case of a travel ban still being in place once the season starts in April.

2021 has the potential to be a great season and we are not slowing down in our quest to introduce the incredibly versatile river fishing in Northern Iceland to as many anglers from all over the world as possible.

New river for the 2021 trout and salmon fishing season

Fly fishing Iceland

We have added a new lease on another one of the tributaries of the Laxa in Aðaldal which is called Reykjadalsá. The Reykjadalsá allows 4-6 rods per day and is 35km long. The fishing is for brown trout and atlantic salmon with the occasional arctic char caught in the lower half of the river. The lodging on the Reykjadalsá is similar to the Mýrarkvísl lodge with 4 double bedrooms each with an ensuite bathroom along with a stand up sleeping loft. Catch statistics in the last few years are about 1500-2000 brown trout and 30-70 salmon a year but our hope is to work towards helping the river to increase salmon catches as this river used to produce around 600 salmon annually in the past.

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