Fnjóská (Salmon fishing)

Fnjóská is rather a large runoff and spring fed river, which discharges into the longest bay of
Fly fishing in Iceland – Mýrarkvísl Salmon – icelandfishingguide.com

Jökla & Fögruhlíðará (Salmon fishing).

The Jökla river system is a relatively new salmon fishing destination which opened after the

Mýrarkvísl in Reykjahverfi (Salmon fishing)

Mýrarkvísl is a relatively small river that holds a great stock of brown trout along with

Laxá in Aðaldal (Salmon fishing)

Laxá in Aðaldal is a renowned salmon river most famous for it’s large multi winter

Hofsá in Vopnafjörður (Salmon fishing).

Hofsá is one of the best salmon rivers in Iceland and like it’s neighboring river Selá it

Hölkná in Þistilfjörður (Salmon fishing).

Holkna is one of the rivers of the remote northeast fjord Þistilfjörður. The fjord contains

Deildará (Salmon Fishing)

The river is 8 km long and accommodates 3 rods. The Deildara river has a prolific run of grilse

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