End of season overview and booking salmon, trout and char fishing for 2020

Now that our fishing season in Iceland is shortly coming to an end we look over with sweet memories on what has to be the most successful season we have had so far. This spring was a bit strange weather wise with the weather changing from winter to summer but thanks to the variety of rivers we have we always managed to produce for our clients and was the biggest brown trout caught 83 cm estimated 16 lbs along with plenty of fish in the 5 to 10 lbs range caught. The Lónsá fishing consistently well throughout the season appart for a few very bright and sunny day that made this small stream a bit sensitive. The Laxá in Aðaldal brown trout beats kept producing incredible specimen of brown trout along with a few arctic char and Atlantic salmon landed as well. The dry fly season was shorter than many other years but instead we had one of the best years on the Mýrarkvísl in recent years both taking into account number and size of salmon. Looks like a combination of good conditions, catch and release and pool restoration is starting to show in catch statistics and we are hopeful that catch numbers will keep rising for the next years.

We are booking for 2020 for salmon fishing in Iceland, Brown trout fishing in Iceland and Arctic char fishing in Iceland. Please contact us sooner than later to secure your spot on the rivers as we have a high demand for fishing our rivers in Iceland in 2020?

Here is a cool new video made by the Brothers on the fly that is about the Mýrarkvísl and the pool restoration and conservation that has been going on the past few years.

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