The time of the big salmon is upon us!

In the next month or so the big early run salmon start getting aggressive again, taking small flies on the surface and September is the month of the twilight zone magic moments. We are still booking for salmon and sea trout fishing in September & October!
salmon fishing in Iceland

Big runs of salmon into Mýrarkvísl on every tide!

The salmon fishing season in Mýrarkvísl started late due to cold weather while the brown trout fishing was amazing, but when the salmon runs started around the last full moon the runs are bigger than we have ever seen before with many fresh fish being caught each day now. We...

Fishing going great in the midnight sun.

The last group we had for 6 days caught close to 200 trout & char. The weather has been really nice with sunny up to 22°c so great conditions for dry fly fishing and fire red sky at night.  

Welcome to our new webpage!

We at Iceland fishing guide have been planning building a new webpage for a while now and we finally found the time to set it up. We decided to start with a bang and offer unbelievable last minute offers for prime time salmon fishing in Mýrarkvísl. Hope you enjoy our new improved...

New webpage for Mýrarkvísl!

We just finished the new web page for Mýrarkvísl. Check it out for more substancial information about the river’s and lake.

Availability on Mýrarkvísl

The booking for 2015 on Mýrarkvísl is going great but here you can see the availability. Rods Available Month Date 3-4 July 21-27 3-4 August 12-20 3-4 August 22-26 3-4 August 29-31 3-4 September 1-20  

Another great summer for Iceland Fishing Guide

This summer has been the most successful in regards to the catch percentage of our clients. We have been all around northern Iceland fishing in rivers, Litlaá, Brunná, Laxá in Aðaldal, Lake Langavatn, Mýrarkvísl, Fnjóská, Jökla & I´ts tributaries along with some fantastic...

Getting ready for the beginning of the season.

The fishing season starts on April 1st with the opening of the sea trout rivers and lakes here in Iceland. Altough most lakes in North and East Iceland are still frozen over at this time of year two great sea trout rivers, Brunná & Litlaá usually start with a bang. The...
Fishing in Iceland river Mýrarkvísl

Iceland Fishing Guide signs a 3 year lease on river Mýrarkvísl

Finally after a few tries we land a 3 year lease on the river that has haunted our dreams since we started fly fishing. The river is one of the most versatile river in Iceland with every thing from slow flowing pools on the plateau to screaming water gushing down the canyon in an...
The fishing season has started in Iceland.

The fishing season has started in Iceland.

The season started with a bang in Iceland on April 1st. We where opening a river called Brunna and is in Öxafjörður in north east Iceland. We where fishing for 3 days and landed a total of 36 fish on 2 rods. There is still some availablity in both Brunná and Litlaá for spring...

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