Arnavatnheiði plateau in North West Iceland.

Arnavatnsheiði is a plateau in North east Iceland filled with lakes and streams and ideal for those who love a good challenge since the only way to get around is by foot. The plateau opened early this year but it usually opens around the 20th of June. I went there to look for a creek I had heard about that was supposed to be filled with arctic char and brown trout. I had good directions which I followed and after a two and a half hour hike I struck gold. In the morning the weather was cold windy and cloudy. I started off with a steamer and a beat head as a dropper. There was a take every time the fly hit the water and sometimes both of the flies.
brown torutAfter lunch the clouds had cleared off and the wind started to die down the stream warmed up and the fish started taking the fly with much less enthusiast, sometimes only following it and returning to the depts. I then deseeded to change tactics and but on a fine nylon leader two pole lengths and fished with nymphs and beat heads for the rest of the day. In total I caught 29 brown trout in the single day of fishing the stream and it´s safe to say that it exceeded my expectations by a mile, the only small disappointment was that I did not find any of the big char I had heard about.


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