fly fishing in Iceland

Have you booked your trip and now you are wondering, what on earth should i pack? Here below is a lot of the information you need and if there is anything you are unsure about just drop us a line and we will help you.

Trout fishing rods:

If you are coming for trout fishing you can bring from 2# to 8# rods but most commonly used are 5-6# rods 9’ or 10’

11’ Switch rods might also come in handy in some of the bigger rivers.


Salmon Fishing rods:

If you are going salmon fishing a 9’-10’ 8# rods are perfect for the smaller rivers along with 11’ 8# switch rods.

For the bigger river a 13’ -14’ rods are perfect with skagit or spey heads.


Sink tips:

It would be good to bring a 8’ intermedium, fast sink & super fast sink. It would also be smart to bring one longer sink tip for single handed rods 12’ extra super fast sink and for a double handed rod 15’ extra super fast sink.


Leader material:

Dry fly fishing: Tapered leaders 2 to 10lbs, fluorocarbon leaders are most common but monofilament leaders that sit on top of the surface can also be good.

Nymph fishing: Strong fluorocarbon or monofilament leaders from 5 to 20 lbs. Sometimes it is good to have strong thick leaders when nymph fishing especially in the rivers with lava rocks in the bottom.

Streamer fishing for trout or salmon: I recommend the strongest leader for streamer fishing from 5 to 25 lbs. When using heavy sink tip leaders a 0.30 – 0,40 will go down fast and make sure you don’t loose your fly if you get stuck in the bottom



A fly list is hard to make but my recommendations are that you bring your own patterns as basically all flies work but then on you arrival to Iceland refer with your guide which flies you should buy as all rivers have special pattern that work better than others and it can simply be the shape size or weight that the guides have found out work perfectly in some of the pools. However for fly tyers with itching finders please look at the post fishing flies.



Polarized glasses in two colors one brown that covers your eyes when the sun is shining bright and then a bright yellow lense to help you spot fish when sight fishing.

A pair of forceps and nippers, strike indicators in two or 3 sizes depending on the weight of the nymphs, either clay or foam i like to make my own indicators with fly tying foam.

A good hat and undergarments both warm clothes under your waders along with a cooler undergarments. A good waterproof wading jacket.

If you are interested in a fishing trip with an experienced guide at your side and discovering Iceland, our extraordinary country of fire and ice please contact us.
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